Improving Writing Skills for Business

Technology makes communication easier in the workplace, with email, instant messaging and chat. But technology doesn’t make communication better. In fact, everything’s so fast-paced, you could say technology makes effective communication harder to do. And that makes better business writing skills more important than ever.

Are your employees’ business writing skills up to speed? Or a waste of time? A study by the American Management Association found that good business writing skills save 30% to 50% in writing time, and up to 50% in reading time — and we all know time = money!

Save time and money! I can help your employees write better faster with a fun, engaging business writing skills workshop that will improve their writing skills and productivity — and your bottom line. Learn more…

It’s not just “what” you say, but “how” you say it that counts in business!  As an education specialist, I communicate all day long and making sure that the message I deliver is clear is very important.  Working with Sharon has helped me to be clearer in my message, more impactful in my delivery and really hone in on how to be more effective in what I write.  Hats off to her and her ability to “teach” the art of writing for business!
Ginger Bell
Education Specialist

Sharon knows her stuff! I’ve been in this business for a very long time, yet it would still take me a week-long workshop to learn everything she knows about writing better and faster.

Mavis Lamb
Mambo Productions