Rock Your Inbox! Write Better Business Emails 

Get the business email writing tips that will help you boost your brand and cut down on email!

How much time do you spend on work email every day? Is it more than you’d like? Is your inbox full of crystal clear emails that make your work and life easier? What does your work email say about you, your brand, your productivity?

If any of these questions got you thinking, this business email writing class is for you. We sent and received 125 billion work emails every day last year. We are buried in our inboxes! And it’s time to dig our way out, impressing our bosses and coworkers in the process.

That’s what this business email writing class will do, saving you time while making you look good. We’ll talk about why your email matters, things to consider before you even start typing, 8 specific ways to improve, how to review your email before you click send, proofreading tips, and how to get better replies. What are we waiting for? Let’s learn to rock that inbox!


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