Use Power Words! For Writing that Works…at Work

Power up your business writing when you use the right words!

Writing skills are in a serious decline, especially in the workplace. Many people want to be better writers, but need some guidance. This class can help!

This class focuses on one aspect of improving our writing: how to choose–and use–your words. Take this class and you’ll learn about the power or words, why specific words are better, how to avoid vague words, ways to clean up clutter to tighten your writing, and commonly misused words to watch out for.

It’s hands-on, with plenty of exercises so you can practice what you’re learning as you go. If you think you have room to improve as a writer—and don’t we all?—take this class, and be a better writer today!

Take this business writing class on Skillshare.*

Coming soon to Udemy!


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