Business writing skills workshops that work

Are your employees’ business writing skills up to speed? Or a waste of time? A study by the American Management Association found that good business writing skills save 30% to 50% in writing time, and up to 50% in reading time — and we all know time = money!

Save time and money! I can help your employees write better faster with a fun, engaging business writing skills workshop that will improve their writing skills and productivity — and your bottom line. 

The business writing skills workshop–2 hours to better, faster writing
What if your employees could invest just 2 hours and walk away better, faster writers who are communicating more clearly, saving you time and money while protecting your brand? They can, with an in-person workshop focused on general writing skills.

Everything your employees will learn through this short but fast-paced and engaging workshop will improve their emails, letters, proposals, reports and more. The workshop exercises can be customized to your business, and one-on-one coaching is available after the workshop for employees with specific questions or challenges.

These business writing skills workshops are done onsite in the Seattle to Portland area, including Olympia, Tacoma, Bellevue and all cities in between. If you’d like an in-person workshop outside of the Seattle to Portland area, contact me because chances are that’s doable too, or we can discuss doing a workshop remotely. If a workshop won’t work or it’s only a few employees who need help, check out the online business writing classes available.

To discuss any of these workshops or other ways of improving employee communications, please contact me. I’m happy to discuss your situation and even give free advice!